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RAPID Slim Syrup


Rapid Slim Syrup 1 month supply

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SAiCS RAPID Slim Syrup:

A detox in combination with rapid fat burning technology
This is an excellent product to use if you want to get rid of “Belly Fat”
Take (6ml) late at night; swallow with a full glass of water
Drink a full glass of ice water 1st thing in the morning
Aloe Ferox 200mg, Potassium 176mg, Malus Pumila Mill 150ml, Vit A, C, E, B12, Calcium, Magnisium, Potassium, Zink, Iron, Aloe polysacchariires, Sugar, Neroli Essence, Sodium, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Diluted to 5%), Agua (Water)
Fitness Acerra – Ascd lifestyle with certificate t-bol vivateam selects fitness instructors – classifieds pescara
Special tip:
For optimum result we suggest that you follow the SAiCS Special Eating Plan and also order some of our add-on products to assist with cravings, appetite suppressant and cellulite


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