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Hair Mask


Hair mask – specifically formulated to repair and protect damaged hair from sun, coloring and straightening / curling damage and feeds into the scalp helping strengthen the roots

In the modern world we live in, we, men and woman, enjoy coloring, highlighting, blowing and straightening our hair

All of that heat and coloring chemicals damage our hair, especially when a proper treatment is not used

This is where the Hair Mask comes in

It takes over and gives your hair back its shine, thickens it and makes it healthy

Wash hair and towel dry
Split the hair and apply mask from roots to ends
Comb through the hair with fingers
Leave for 20 minutes before rinsing

For optimum results, cover your head with a warm towel or at least 10 minutes, while the mask is in your hair

Active Ingredients:
Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argon Oil, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil, Grapeseed Oil


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