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Room and Linen Spray (Classic)


Super concentrated room and linen spray

Super concentrated room and linen spray

Unique fragrance consisting of 90% neutral alcohol mixed with one of our 5 special fragrances / essential oils
Alcohol base assist the product to last longer and active till the very last drop
Awakens the sense of smell by working on top, middle and lower tones

Room and linen spray is a versatile product that comes in a convenient 50ml spray bottles which is fitted with a hand pump – thus nature friendly since it does not come in an aerosol spray
It can be used to eliminate odors and freshen up linens, clothing, and soft furniture

Multi functional – can also be used as an air freshener

Used to freshen linens and soft furnishings between washes, or it is sprayed onto fabrics while ironing to provide a pleasing and / or therapeutic scent

A great way to freshen your environment
You might not have time to deep clean, but you can easily spray fabrics for a cleaner, fresher room
Use it anywhere without fear of damaging fabric, clothes or carpets

Simply keep it about 30cm away from the surface that you are spraying

Classic = Lavender Rose fragrance:
Calming and ideal to spray in room or on linen for kids and especially baby to help them sleep better

An amazing combination to use with our SMART DROPS and SMART CANDLE range


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