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We don’t get any younger. Make the best for of your Health

My Daily Choice

In an age when technology is revolutionizing health for millions of people, we wanted to combine the best of tech and wellness into a complete lineup of go anywhere sprays.
Daily Sprays are your go-to supplements that deliver a spritz of nourishment in a genius little micronized delivery system–any time of day you need it.
With pocket-sized sprays that fit easily in your car, travel bag, purse, or drawer, Daily Sprays are always on hand to boost your everyday performance, support your body’s needs, and deliver the right energy for any moment.

Boost Spray

A simple pick-me-up spray to get you through your day.

Peak Spray

Peak Spray

An effective performance enhancing spray to put you over the top

Shield Spray

A protective spray to support your body’s immune function.


  • Improves Ageing Skin
  • Supports Ageing Bones
  • Improves Joint Discomfort
  • Promotes Recovery

Sontal BioActive Berry Peptan Powder

Why BioActive Berry Peptan® Collagen?

  • As the ageing process takes its toll on your body, you suffer from more aches and pains.
  • Stop your suffering. Use SONTAL BioActive Berry Peptan® Collagen to rebuild your stores of fresh collagen.
  • Your body can look and feel years younger.

Sontal Tonalin CLA 90 Softgels

Why Tonalin® CLA?

  • Unless you follow a strict diet and exercise program you struggle to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Stop the yo-yo effect. Take control your weight by using SONTAL Tonalin® CLA.

You can reach your ideal weight without over-complicating your diet and workout regimen