Waist trainer are made of latex and has flexible spiral steel boning

It is specially made for working out, which can reduce your waist with centimeters
It also flattens your stomach area drastically
Especially perfect for ladies who just became mommies and have that extra tummy fat
Also perfect for weight traners and gym lovers
BUT can be used by anyone wishing to lose some extra body weight

Ideal for BOTH men and woman

Three rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment for the shrinking midsection

Small: 71-75cm
Medium: 76-80cm
Large: 81-85cm
XL: 86-90cm
2XL: 91-95cm
3XL: 96-100cm
4XL: 101-105cm

If we don't mention your size here, please contact us regarding ordering it for you

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Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer (Black)

Fast loosing weight sport latex waist...

R 815,00

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