Bye Bra Tape:
Ideal solution to enhance your breasts when wearing a bra is not an option.
Adhesive tape lifts the breast
Ideal for strapless, plunging or V-neck and backless dresses OR when wearing a swimsuit and you want the "lifted" look

Silicone or Silk Nipple Covers:
Silicone nipple covers - up to 50 times reusable
Flower shaped adhesive covers - providing discression when wearing that stunning evening dress

Bye Bra Dress Tape:
Fashion tape to "conceal" your assests while wearing that stunning evening dress, Corset or swimsuit
"Stick" your dress to your skin and be assured that nothing will "pop" out

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Best Breast Lifting Tape

Breast Lifts

Horseshoe shaped breast lifting tape

R 155,00

Product details

Breast Lifts & Silicone Nipple Covers

Breast lifts and silicone nipple covers...

R 330,00

Product details

Breast Lifts & Silk Nipple Covers

Combo pack with breast Lifts and Silk...

R 190,00

Product details

Dress Tape

Cover your bra and assets with the...

R 170,00

Product details

Silicone Bra

Silicone nude coloured stick on bra

R 120,00

Product details

Silicone Nipple Covers

Up to 50 times re-usable silicone...

R 220,00

Product details

Silk Nipple Covers

Silk feel easy to use nipple covers

R 70,00

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