lingerie parties


We charge a going rate of R800 for our Lingerie Parties

We bring all of our Lingerie, Outfits, Dress-Up Lingerie, and accessories to exhibit on the day!
We give more details of the items - making it easier for you to decide which item/s you prefer
After that everyone at the party can have a look at what we have before they decide what to purchase

All the items on our range are REALLY gorgeous, high quality but also affordable, so everyone will be able to treat herself to something
With an average of over 500 items on our range...... There will be LOADS to choose from

Our range includes:
Smaller items like g-stings, hotpants, stockings...
And then ofcourse there are more expensive items like the outfits and corsets

With sizes varing between XSmall - 6XLarge... there is definitely something to fit everyone