Laca Shapewear Ladies Long Tights (Black)

Reshape your body NATURALLY

PLEASE NOTE: Consultation is required for correct sizing
R 5200,00


As with the Short tights - benefits are the same
Added benefit:
- helps reduce the appearance of cellulite around the knee area

Reshape your body NATURALLY - NO surgery needed

Made up of 36 pieces

Designed by the HUMAN BODY

Helps to "move" fat to where you want it

3 energy stones on the stomach area:
- vibrating at 299 000 times per second
- helps detoxing the body
- inproves blood circulation
- protects the stomach area
- helps to flatten the stomach
- improves constipation
- helps relieve menstual cramps / pains

- anti-inflammatory
- heats up

- "pushes" fat to your buttocks
- helps to decrease the appearance of "thunder thighs"

- thicker layer of material under your buttocks
- givign a 2-3 cm lift

Reshapes the body:
NO need for surgery
"moves" fatty deposits to where you want it most - lifting and improving yoru buttock size and decreasing thigh size

For best results it's recommended to wear your Laca Shapewear for EIGHT - TEN HOURS PER DAY

PLEASE NOTE: Consultation is required for correct sizing